Rugby Kicks Game

This is an addictive hyper-casual American football game. In each play, you will have 3 balls to kick. Kick the ball accurately into the goal to score points. If the ball touches the target sign, you will get some bonus as well as chances to get new balls. Pay attention at the winds and the opponent shields.

How To Play Rugby Kicks Game?

- Tap the ball and swipe up to kick it. - The kicking direction is depending on the swiping direction. - The kicking power is depending on how fast and how far you swipe.

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Awesome rugby game!
I absolutely love playing Rugby Kicks Game! The graphics are impressive, and the gameplay is so realistic. It's a great way to practice my kicking skills and compete with my friends. Highly recommended!
Addictive rugby fun!
Rugby Kicks Game is my go-to game when I want to have some casual gaming fun. The controls are smooth, and the levels are challenging enough to keep me engaged. It's really satisfying to see my kicks score points. Give it a try!
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