Drunken Duel

Drunken Duel is an entertaining western game with physics-based one-button control that can be played as two people and one person. In the game, two drunk rag dolls duel. You can hit the chance serial target by firing randomly, but you can lose by playing this way. It is possible to take more professional shots by mastering the physics of the game after a few games. The sounds and visual effects in the game make the game more fun.

How To Play Drunken Duel?

Orange Ragdoll "Up Arrow" Or Touch Blue Ragdoll "W Arrow" Or Touch

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Who Developed Drunken Duel?
Drunken Duel was created by Hihoy.
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Addictive and Fun
I absolutely love Drunken Duel! It's such an addictive and fun game to play. The graphics are vibrant and the controls are smooth. The concept of the game is simple yet exciting, making it perfect for quick gaming sessions. I highly recommend giving it a try!
Awesome Game!
Drunken Duel is an awesome game that keeps me entertained for hours. The multiplayer mode adds an extra level of excitement, allowing me to challenge my friends and family. The gameplay is smooth and the variety of weapons keeps things interesting. Definitely one of my favorite games on Gammeon!
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