Rolling Domino Smash

Challenge different levels and see what surprise are waiting for you after the dominos fall. The dominoes move around so be careful to drop them accurately. The domino movement gets progressively more erratic. Try to beat your high score!

How To Play Rolling Domino Smash?

Drop dominoes one at a time onto the ground with MOUSE or TOUCH.

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Who Developed Rolling Domino Smash?
Rolling Domino Smash was created by TrendyGames.
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Addictively fun!
Rolling Domino Smash is such an addictively fun game! I can spend hours playing it without getting bored. The graphics are vibrant and eye-catching, and the gameplay is smooth and responsive. It's the perfect game to challenge yourself and test your strategic skills. Highly recommended!
Fantastic domino experience!
Rolling Domino Smash offers a fantastic domino experience for young users and gamers. The game mechanics are simple yet engaging, and the levels are well-designed to keep you entertained. I love the satisfying feeling when the dominos fall perfectly, creating an awesome chain reaction. This game definitely deserves a spot in your gaming collection!
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