Car Driving Stunt Game

Drive super fast and powerful cars on your favorite tracks and ramps to set new jumping records. You can select your favorite incredible cars from Garage. Challenge is on, buckle up guys and drive all over the city, off-roads, airports, ice lands and plains of dirt. The environment offers the real-time temptation of gems to collect them to unlock even more special vehicles to drive. Drive as fast as you can and explore extreme roads and ramps to let your car perform amazing stunts.

How To Play Car Driving Stunt Game?

Use Arrow keys, Up Arrow for accelerating, down for brakes, left and right for navigating left and right respectively.

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Who Developed Car Driving Stunt Game?
Car Driving Stunt Game was created by FreeOnlineGames.
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Awesome driving experience!
I had a blast playing Car Driving Stunt Game! The graphics are stunning, and the controls are so smooth. I felt like a real stunt driver, performing incredible jumps and tricks. The variety of challenging levels kept me hooked for hours. Highly recommended for all racing game enthusiasts!
Unleash your inner daredevil
Car Driving Stunt Game is absolutely thrilling! The adrenaline rush I got from performing dangerous stunts and driving at high speeds was incredible. The game offers a wide range of awesome cars to choose from, each with unique abilities. The stunning visuals and realistic sound effects make the gameplay even more immersive. Get ready to push your limits!
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