Commando Attack

Game Overview

Commando Attack is an exhilarating free online game that offers players an action-packed and immersive gaming experience. As a skilled commando, you are tasked with completing various challenging missions and eliminating enemy forces to restore peace and order. With its stunning graphics and intense gameplay, Commando Attack is among the best free online games available.


In Commando Attack, you will navigate through different terrains, including deserts, forests, and urban areas, to accomplish your missions. Your objective is to neutralize enemy soldiers, destroy their bases, and collect valuable resources along the way. The game features a wide range of weapons, including rifles, machine guns, grenades, and rocket launchers, which you can utilize to eliminate your foes effectively.

How to Play

Playing Commando Attack is simple and straightforward:

  1. Use the arrow keys to move your commando character.
  2. Press the left mouse button to shoot.
  3. Switch between different weapons using the number keys.
  4. Collect power-ups and ammunition to enhance your combat abilities.
  5. Complete missions by eliminating all enemy forces and reaching the designated objectives.

Strategy and Tips

To excel in Commando Attack, consider the following strategies and tips:

  • Take cover behind objects or structures to avoid enemy fire.
  • Utilize different weapons strategically based on the situation. For example, use grenades to clear out groups of enemies or rocket launchers to destroy enemy vehicles.
  • Keep an eye on your ammunition count and replenish it whenever possible.
  • Upgrade your weapons and equipment using the resources collected during missions.
  • Plan your approach carefully, assessing the enemy's positions and utilizing stealth whenever necessary.


Q: Is Commando Attack free to play?

A: Yes, Commando Attack is completely free to play.

Q: Can I play Commando Attack on my mobile device?

A: Currently, Commando Attack is only available to play on desktop or laptop computers.

Q: Are there any in-app purchases in Commando Attack?

A: No, Commando Attack does not include any in-app purchases. It is entirely free to enjoy.

Q: Are there different difficulty levels in Commando Attack?

A: Yes, Commando Attack offers multiple difficulty levels, allowing players to choose the level of challenge they prefer.

Q: Can I play Commando Attack with friends?

A: Unfortunately, Commando Attack is a single-player game and does not support multiplayer functionality.

Enjoy the thrill of Commando Attack, one of the best free online games available, and showcase your commando skills by completing daring missions and defeating enemy forces!

Who Developed Commando Attack?
Commando Attack was created by JulGames.


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