Tomb of the Mask Online

This time, the mystic mask and your passion for adventure led you into a new kind of maze. Moving from wall to wall, you need to paint over every corner of the labyrinth to make your way to the next one. But beware: some of them are not as safe as they seem to be.

How To Play Tomb of the Mask Online?

Swipe to play

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Who Developed Tomb of the Mask Online?
Tomb of the Mask Online was created by
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Awesome Adventure!
Tomb of the Mask Online is an amazing game! The graphics are stunning and the gameplay is incredibly addictive. I love how it combines elements of puzzle-solving and action. It's a must-play for all young gamers out there!
Hours of Fun!
I can't get enough of Tomb of the Mask Online! It's such a fun and entertaining game. The levels are challenging but not too difficult, which keeps me engaged and motivated to keep playing. The power-ups and bonuses add an exciting twist to the gameplay. Highly recommended!
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