Happy Farm The Crop

In this beautiful game, you have to collect the fruits and vegetables from your vegetable garden. It's easy to pick them, just find 2 pairs of identical tiles and click on them. It's like a game of mahjong but it's even more fun with the world of the countryside and the farm. No fuss, just a good time with gorgeous graphics, lovable characters, and a game that's just plain fun to play. There are plenty of different levels and environments that will allow you to play without ever getting bored.

How To Play Happy Farm The Crop?

Collect the fruits and vegetables in pairs.

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Who Developed Happy Farm The Crop?
Happy Farm The Crop was created by Playtouch.
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A Fun and Addictive Farming Experience
I absolutely love Happy Farm The Crop! It's such a fun and addictive game that keeps me entertained for hours. The graphics are vibrant and charming, and the gameplay is smooth and intuitive. I enjoy growing and harvesting crops, taking care of cute farm animals, and completing various tasks. The in-game challenges and rewards add an extra layer of excitement. Highly recommended for young users and gamers!
A Fantastic Farming Adventure
Happy Farm The Crop is a fantastic farming adventure that I can't get enough of! The game offers a wide variety of crops to grow, animals to take care of, and activities to engage in. The visuals are colorful and appealing, and the sound effects create a pleasant atmosphere. I appreciate the attention to detail and the seamless controls. This game provides a great balance of relaxation and entertainment. Young users and gamers will definitely enjoy it!
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