Run Boys

Run, race, slide, jump, fall, flip, punch, and blast your way through insane obstacles with dozens of other online mobile opponents. Guys, girls, tall kids, short dudes, funny boys, weird teens, everyone is welcome to fight, run, and have a stupid good time during this knockout race. Battle gangs of players through silly races and wacky arenas full of hilarious epic obstacles for the chance to end up on top! Take turns with your friends and join the battles!

How To Play Run Boys?

Arrows and AWSD keys - MOVE Dash key - JUMP

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Who Developed Run Boys?
Run Boys was created by 2Play.
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A Thrilling Adventure for Young Gamers
Run Boys is an absolute blast! The fast-paced gameplay and vibrant graphics make this game perfect for young gamers like myself. I love the challenging levels and the ability to unlock cool power-ups along the way. It's addictive and keeps me entertained for hours. Highly recommended!
Endless Fun and Excitement Await!
Run Boys is hands down one of the best games I've come across lately. The smooth controls and captivating storyline make it a must-play for all young gamers out there. The colorful visuals and catchy sound effects add an extra layer of excitement. Trust me, once you start playing, you won't be able to put it down!
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