DuckPark io

An a-duck-able race game! Quack Quack! Control a rubber ducky racing down a water slide towards the bath, beating out the competition! Fly off the track, collect gliders, push opponents off the track, and collect new duck skins!

How To Play DuckPark io?

Keyboard: Left + Right arrows to move the duck left and right Mouse: Click and move left and right to move the duck left and right, fast movement left and right to jump off the slide

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Who Developed DuckPark io?
DuckPark io was created by
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A Quacktastic Adventure!
DuckPark io is a super fun game that kept me entertained for hours! The colorful graphics and smooth gameplay make it a joy to play. I especially loved the cute duck characters and the exciting challenges. It's a perfect game for young players who want to test their skills and have a great time!
Quackin' Good Fun!
DuckPark io is an absolute blast! The game is so addictive and the controls are easy to master. I had a blast competing with my friends and trying to get the highest score. The different levels and obstacles kept me engaged and the cute duck theme is adorable. I highly recommend this game to all young gamers out there!
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