Minigolf Clash

It's time for minigolf and for you to show off your creativity. Use the different golf balls to your advantage and glide through the levels with ease. Buy more levels with the rewards and hone your golf skills.

How To Play Minigolf Clash?

Get your golf ball in the hole with as smallest number of strokes possible. Take advantage of the unique balls for different creative solutions. Use the rewards to buy more golf balls and progressively more difficult levels.

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Who Developed Minigolf Clash?
Minigolf Clash was created by Inlogic Software.
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Awesome game!
I absolutely love playing Minigolf Clash! It's so addictive and entertaining. The graphics are amazing and the controls are easy to learn. Highly recommended for all golf enthusiasts!
Great fun!
Minigolf Clash is a fantastic game that keeps me engaged for hours. The different courses and challenging obstacles make each level exciting. The multiplayer feature adds a competitive edge and makes it even more enjoyable. I can't get enough of it!
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