Bike Mania

The original and still the best - Bike Mania is back, in HTML5. One of the most addicting yet infuriatingly frustrating games of the flash era is now ready to enjoy again!

How To Play Bike Mania?

Arrow keys to move.

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Who Developed Bike Mania?
Bike Mania was created by LTD.
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Awesome Bike Stunts!
I absolutely love playing Bike Mania! The graphics are fantastic, and the gameplay is so addictive. The stunts I can do with the bike are mind-blowing! It keeps me entertained for hours, and I always challenge myself to beat my previous scores. Highly recommend it to all bike enthusiasts out there!
Thrilling Bike Racing Experience
Bike Mania is a thrilling game that never fails to get my adrenaline pumping! The tracks are challenging, and the controls are smooth. The different levels provide a great variety of obstacles and ramps to conquer. I can't get enough of the intense racing action! It's definitely one of the best bike games I've played so far.
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