Solitaire Mahjong Classic 2


About Solitaire Mahjong Classic 2

The long-awaited 2nd sequel of Solitaire Mahjong Classic at its finest! Set in the classic mahjong theme, the game now boasts an extensive collection of 135+ exquisite puzzles as well as two brand new ‘Ivory’ and ‘Wooden’ tile skins to choose from. You will find the classic 'Shanghai Solitaire' style board and dozens more. Try new exciting boosters like 'Torch' and 'Undo'. Enjoy the beautifully polished graphics accompanied by a relaxing soundtrack! This is the best classic mahjong there is!

How to Play Solitaire Mahjong Classic 2?

The goal of the game is to remove all tiles from the board by matching any two tiles with the same symbol. To make a match simply select two tiles with the same symbol that are not blocked by another tile. You can use different boosters to finish the game. You will see your final score after clearing the board. Play any puzzle of your choice or choose the ‘Shuffle Mode' to discover new puzzles. So what are you waiting for? Play Solitaire Mahjong Classic 2 now to train and sharpen your mind!

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Who Developed Solitaire Mahjong Classic 2?

Solitaire Mahjong Classic 2 was created by SOFTGAMES – Mobile Entertainment Services GmbH.