Snow Rider 3D


About Snow Rider 3D

Snow Rider unblocked is a cool, fast-paced 3d snowboarding game where you must navigate down snow slopes and avoid obstacles while performing tricks on a snowboard. It is a fun casual game that you can play now for free on phone with the best 3D graphics all while showing off your nice snowboarding skills. This is a popular game in the latest snowboarding category.

How to Play

This review will give all the information you need to learn how to play Snow Rider 3D, read on so you can unblocked hours of fun with this web-based online game. 

The main objective of Snow Rider 3D is for you to go down the slope on the snowboard and go through all the obstacles in your path to get a high score. You must complete the entire run without crashing out and then collect points as you go along. If you crash you lose, yes this is one of those games that doesn’t have any lives or second chances to try again.

There are not traditional levels in the game, it is just an endless slope that you must navigate. The slope has different obstacles that you will have to evade and the difficulty increases as you progress in the game.

All you need to play this top tier game is your browser extension set to full screen and you can play using iOS, computer, pc or mobile. You can get power ups and customize your snowboard the longer you play.


Up arrow key or W - Jump Left arrow key or A - Steer Left Right arrow key or D - Steer Right

Snow Rider 3D Controllers


All the good achievements you can get as you play through the game are:

  • High Score: Reach a certain score
  • Distance Traveler: Reach a certain distance on the slope
  • Obstacle Dodger: Avoid a certain number of obstacles.


The mechanics of this game are very easy to understand. You use the arrow key to move left and right and press the spacebar to jump. All you need to do is master these controls, keep a watchful eye of obstacles and stay centered on the slope as much as possible.

Snow Rider 3D Screenshots

Snow Rider 3D home screen.    Snow Rider 3D Gameplay.    Snow Rider 3D Results

Snow Rider 3D World Record


1. Can I play Snow Rider 3D with my friends?

Snow Rider 3D is a single player game so there are no multiplayer or 2 player modes. You are the only one that can play the game on your device but there is still lots of fun to have.

2. Are there achievements I can get within the game?

There are achievements you can get within the game the longer you play. Some of them are only revealed when you cross them.

3. Is there a leaderboard for Snow Rider 3D?

This is a single player game so there isn’t a community where you can check the scores of other players. The only scores that you can see are the ones you have gotten.


Snow Rider 3D is a thrilling snowboarding game that gives you fast action and fun gameplay. Just keep practicing beating your high score and get achievements! Try playing now!

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Who Developed Snow Rider 3D?

Snow Rider 3D was created by New Gamer.