Ship Clicker

Idle Clicker - is a clicker game. All you need to do is click. You only have to tap, earn money, and independently upgrade your ship and crew, or gather enough money to acquire a different ship! Upgrading this ship will help you earn more money! Discover the world of picturesque countries, witness the boundless ocean and its inhabitants. Sail to an island amidst the sound of seagulls and the melody of waves brushing against the side of your boat... Adventures await you!

How To Play Ship Clicker?

Press and hold as long as there's fuel, this allows you to earn more. Spend the money on upgrading your existing ship or buy a new one!

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Awesome game with addictive clicking action!
Ship Clicker is an absolute blast! I can't stop clicking those ships and seeing my score soar. The graphics are impressive and the gameplay is super smooth. It's a great way to challenge your reflexes and compete with friends. Highly recommended!
A captivating clicker game with endless fun!
Ship Clicker is hands down one of the best clicker games I've played. The concept is simple yet incredibly addictive. I love how each ship brings a new challenge and the upgrades keep me engaged. The vibrant visuals and catchy sound effects make it even better. Thumbs up!
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