Red Light Green Light

This is a crazy big escape game. Have you heard of the squid game? Have you ever played wooden man? If you fail, you will be killed! Start the game, when the girl's back is to you, the green light is on, you should run hard, and she turns her head, the red light is on, you must not move, otherwise you will be killed! If you run to the end within the specified time, you will win, otherwise you will also be killed.

How To Play Red Light Green Light?

Use the mouse or touch the screen to control direction.

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Who Developed Red Light Green Light?
Red Light Green Light was created by Mad Buffer.
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Awesome Game!
I absolutely love playing Red Light Green Light! It's so much fun and addictive. The graphics are cool and the gameplay is smooth. Highly recommended for all gamers!
Great Time Killer!
Red Light Green Light is a fantastic game to pass the time. The controls are easy to understand and the levels are challenging yet enjoyable. I can't get enough of it!
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