Pool 8 Ball Mania

The classic eight-ball pool for your phone! Play against a computer controlled opponent or against a friend. Enjoy realistic ball physics and dynamic gameplay. Focus and use the aiming help to shoot the most precise shots.

How To Play Pool 8 Ball Mania?

Standard eight-ball pool rules apply. Aim and hit the cue ball to hit and pot the colourful balls into the pockets. Be careful to pot only your own balls (solids or stripes, depending on the first one you pot) and the black one afterwards.

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Who Developed Pool 8 Ball Mania?
Pool 8 Ball Mania was created by Inlogic Software.
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Awesome game for pool enthusiasts!
I absolutely love Pool 8 Ball Mania! The graphics are stunning, and the gameplay is smooth and addictive. It's the perfect game for anyone who enjoys playing pool. The various levels and challenges keep me engaged for hours. Highly recommended!
Best pool game out there!
Pool 8 Ball Mania is hands down the best pool game I've ever played! The controls are intuitive, and the physics are incredibly realistic. It feels like I'm playing pool in real life. The wide variety of game modes and the ability to customize my cue and table make it even more enjoyable. Kudos to the developers for creating such an amazing game!
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