Noob vs Pro Challenge

Noob vs Pro Challenge is a game in which you wake up in the morning and there is a zombie apocalypse around and you are a noob? This is a real challenge! Why not? The task will be to save the Noob and the Princess and troll the evil Herobrine with the help of various traps. Are you ready to go through the labyrinth and go down to the dungeon and there, having passed all the tests, find a secret portal and save the dragon, on whose back to fly to a desert island, and then arrange a jailbreak.

How To Play Noob vs Pro Challenge?

Pass small tests at the levels. Kill zombies using the hero's weapons and abilities. When killing monsters, your hero's level increases and new abilities are unlocked. Walk (joystick or WASD keyboard) and to use the ability (press 1 or 2 or 3 on the keyboard or just click on the ability icon)

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Who Developed Noob vs Pro Challenge?
Noob vs Pro Challenge was created by mango_x2.
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Awesome game with thrilling challenges!
I absolutely love Noob vs Pro Challenge! The graphics are stunning, and the gameplay is so addictive. It's a perfect balance between fun and difficulty. The challenges keep getting better and better, making it hard to put the game down. I highly recommend it to all gamers out there!
An epic battle between amateurs and experts!
Noob vs Pro Challenge is a fantastic game that brings out the competitive spirit in me! The levels are well-designed, and the controls are smooth. I enjoy the dynamic gameplay where I can witness the epic showdown between noobs and pros. It's a great way to test and improve my gaming skills. Highly recommended!
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