Leader War

This is a war between leader and leader. When you first enter the world, you need to collect people to be stronger, when you become bigger than others, you can devour them and kill other leaders. If you are not big enough, sneak attack is probably a good idea. Use your brain and strategy to win the war!

How To Play Leader War?

Use the mouse or your finger to play.

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Who Developed Leader War?
Leader War was created by 4j.com.
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Awesome Game!
I can't get enough of Leader War! The graphics are stunning and the gameplay is so addictive. It's the perfect game to challenge your strategic thinking and test your leadership skills. Highly recommended for all young gamers out there!
Addictively Fun
Leader War is absolutely amazing! It's one of those games that keeps you hooked for hours. The battles are intense, and the controls are smooth. The variety of leaders and their unique abilities make each game exciting. I love competing with my friends and trying to climb the leaderboard. Definitely a must-play for all gamers!
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