Get On Top Touch

Be ready for playing a wonderful multiplayer and extremely contentious game. At this game you will see the battle of getting on top of two interconnected characters. You will direct a hero and your friend will direct another hero. You can succeed in getting on top by moving your character wisely. But if you play randomly, you will lose. You can play on your computer or mobile devices.

How To Play Get On Top Touch?

Player's Controls : First Player : Jump: W Left : A Right :D Second Player : Jump : Upper Arrow Key. Left

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Who Developed Get On Top Touch?
Get On Top Touch was created by Hihoy.


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Awesome Game!
I love playing Get On Top Touch! The controls are smooth and the graphics are really cool. It's so addictive, I can't stop playing it. Highly recommended for all gamers!
Super Fun Game!
Get On Top Touch is such a fun game to play! The gameplay is simple yet challenging, and the different levels keep me engaged. I enjoy competing with my friends to see who can reach the top first. Definitely worth giving it a try!
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