City Truck Driver

This time you are about to embark on a great simulator adventure with your trucks inside of a huge city with the City Truck Driver game! This truck simulator game comes with thousands of features like truck customization options, mission mode, race mode, and free drive mode. There are 13 different truck models which each has different handling, speed, and acceleration value. If you want to customize your truck or if you want to buy a new truck, you will need to play in missions mode or in race mode. There are 10 missions and 10 races. In mission mode, you carry some properties with your trailer from one point to another. You should carry the things safely. Follow the arrow, it will take you to the place where you should get it. Make sure you get the finish line before the time is over. In race mode, you will race against five opponents in the city track and you will need to finish the races within the first three to earn the reward. Try to get to the finish line before your opponents. You can play the race mode and free drive mode either in single player or in two player mode. Let the super truck simulator begin!

How To Play City Truck Driver?

1 Player Game Mode: Move: "W,A,S,D" or "ARROW KEYS" Handbrake: "SPACE" Camera mode Switch: "C" Connect/Detach trailer: "T" 2 Player Game Mode: Player 1: Move: "W,A,S,D" Handbrake: "SPACE" Camera mode switch: "C" Player 2: Move: "ARROW KEYS" Handbrake: "J" Camera mode switch: "B"

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Who Developed City Truck Driver?
City Truck Driver was created by RHM Interactive.
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Thrilling and Challenging Game!
City Truck Driver is absolutely amazing! The graphics are stunning and the gameplay is so realistic. I love driving through the busy city streets, delivering goods and overcoming obstacles. The challenges keep me hooked and the controls are smooth and responsive. This game is a must-play for all truck driving enthusiasts!
Endless Fun on Wheels!
City Truck Driver is an awesome game that provides endless fun on wheels! The variety of missions and tasks keeps me engaged for hours. I enjoy exploring the city, delivering goods to different locations, and honing my truck driving skills. The detailed environments and realistic physics make the gameplay immersive and exciting. Highly recommended for all gaming enthusiasts!
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