Cat Wizard Defense

Position the cat defensive towers to defend against slime balls. Collect energy by destroying the slime balls. Use energy to purchase better towers. Don't let the slime balls reach your base! Features - Interactive tutorial - Great animal theme - 18 large, challenging levels - A variety of slime monsters are unlocked as you progress. Use them strategically to win each level

How To Play Cat Wizard Defense?

Defend your cat base against slime invaders

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Who Developed Cat Wizard Defense?
Cat Wizard Defense was created by MarketJS.
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Fantastic Game for Cat Lovers!
I absolutely adore this game! As a huge cat enthusiast, I was thrilled to find Cat Wizard Defense. The adorable graphics and captivating gameplay kept me entertained for hours. The variety of spells and challenges make each level exciting and the cat characters are just too cute. Highly recommend this game to all cat lovers out there!
Impressive Cat Adventure!
Cat Wizard Defense is a must-play for all gamers seeking a unique and thrilling experience. The game offers a perfect blend of strategy and action, where you get to harness the magical powers of adorable cat wizards. The stunning visuals and smooth controls create a truly immersive gameplay. Prepare to be enchanted by this fantastic cat adventure!
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