Castel Wars Middle Ages

Castel Wars continues with its new episode, Middle Ages! With the new episode, you can try out Medieval weapons and equipment. As in the previous game, 2 different game modes and newly designed themes are waiting for you. You now have cannons instead of catapults. Cannon guns are much more powerful and deadly. Fire arrows, swords, and new armor are also included in the game. The most interesting equipment is wings! If you can get a wing bonus, you can descend slowly from above. You can play the game 1 player or 2 player. Let the fight begin!

How To Play Castel Wars Middle Ages?

Blue Player: Move: "W,A,S,D" Create Block: "S" Hit: "E" (If you hold down the character throws the weapon!) Change Weapon: "Q" Red Player: Move: "ARROW KEYS" Create Block: "DOWN ARROW" Hit: "SPACE" (If you hold down the character throws the weapon!) Change Weapon: "M"

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Who Developed Castel Wars Middle Ages?
Castel Wars Middle Ages was created by RHM Interactive.
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Awesome medieval battle!
I absolutely love Castel Wars Middle Ages! The graphics are stunning and the gameplay is so addictive. It's really exciting to command my own army and conquer enemy castles. The strategic elements in this game make it a must-play for all gamers. Highly recommended!
A medieval adventure like no other!
Castel Wars Middle Ages is an incredible game that takes you back in time to the epic battles of the Middle Ages. The attention to detail is superb, from the realistic castle designs to the authentic weaponry. I can't get enough of the intense battles and the satisfaction of capturing enemy castles. It's a game that every gamer should experience!
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