Boxing Fighter Shadow Battle

The 1st century old legend from the imperial court is taking place. It's now time of the rise of the Yokai spirits, and they want to dominate the world. This mysterious phenomena, these beasts, these shadows, these ghosts, are willing to eat human souls. Hords of Yokai,a class of supernatural monsters with shadow spirit, are now coming after you.You are human's last hope

How To Play Boxing Fighter Shadow Battle?

Stand in front of your opponents and start the combat. Each enemy has its specificity. A life bar shows your health.

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Who Developed Boxing Fighter Shadow Battle?
My Shark Show was created by Playtouch.
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Awesome boxing game!
I absolutely love this game! The graphics are amazing and the controls are so smooth. It's really addictive and keeps me entertained for hours. Definitely one of the best boxing games I've played. Highly recommend!
Great boxing experience!
Boxing Fighter Shadow Battle is a fantastic game for all boxing enthusiasts. The gameplay is intense and realistic, making me feel like a true boxing champion. The variety of opponents and challenges keeps me engaged and motivated. The developers have done a fantastic job with this game!
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