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About Drift Boss

Drift boss is a simple web drifting game where the main goal is to navigate a customizable car through a long path full of sharp turns and bumps without falling off the edge. Along this track, there is currency that you can pick up along the way to boost your score. The controls are easy to understand and the game doesn’t take very long to master.

I’ve been playing drift boss unblocked for a while now. It’s a cool game you can play online that helps you develop your puzzle-solving and reflex skills. You can play Drift boss online free on ios, mobile, computer, pc devices or on phone with a browser extension.

By the end of this review, you’ll have everything you need to beat Drift boss and come out as the best. We’re going to give you all the latest tips and tricks you can use to win the game and play now.

How to Play

Wondering how to play Drift Boss? Looking to have unblocked hours of fun with these nice drifting games? Then read on to know how to come out on top in the game.

In Drift Boss, there are good customizable cars whose skin you can change the more coins you earn. Your goal is to stay on the track for as long as you can by navigating the car through a long winding road with many sharp turns. You can pick up coins along the way to boost your score and change your vehicle. Your main objective? Don’t fall off the track.

Drift Boss doesn't have levels like other traditional popular racing games. What you have instead is an endless mode that can continue for as long as you can stay on the track. The difficulty increases as you progress in the game and the road becomes more challenging with more sharp turns and narrow paths that make it difficult for you to drift on.

Drift Boss is best played with your full screen enabled so you can see all the graphics clearly. There are achievements but these involve beating your set high score or traveling a particular distance without falling from the edge of the track. You can play the game everyday and get daily rewards and there are ads that you can watch to get special boosters and items that make the game easier to play.


Before you start the game, there’s a brief tutorial that teaches you the controls of the game. If you’re using a touchscreen device, all you need is to tap and hold to turn right and let go to turn left. If you’re using a mouse or keyboard enabled device then use the left mouse key and the space bar to navigate.


  • Timing: Drift Boss is all about getting the timing of your drifts right. Try not to make any sharp or abrupt movements and pay attention to the turns so you can know the right time to start your drift.
  • Speed: The game has boosters but don’t try to use them too soon to get speed, the goal here isn’t to reach a finish line, it is to last long on the track.
  • Short Taps: You might be tempted to tap and hold the screen so you can keep drifting but your best bet is to use short taps to make minor turns and to let go as soon as you have made a turn. This helps you not overshoot the turn and go over the edge.
  • Stay Centered: Try to avoid the edge of the tracks as much as you can, if you keep to the center as much as possible you can easily maneuver when you get to a turn.

You can also tap in mid-air to adjust your angle if you go off a ramp, that way you can continue to stay in the center of the track. Try to limit how much you tap to when you’re close to a bend

Drift Boss Screenshots

Drift Boss splash screen     Drift Boss Tutorial.    Drift Boss Game Play

Drift Boss World Record


1. How many cars are in Drift Boss?

There are total 8 cars to choose from in the game. 

2. What is the best car in the game?

Our best results were given while using "Firetruck'. 

3. What is the Drift Boss world record?

Drift Boss doesn’t have any official leaderboards where you can compare if you’ve beat the highest possible score but the highest score on record at the moment is 63,257 points. Can you beat that?

4. How many cars are in Drift boss?

Drift Boss has different cars that you can unlock with counts. There are about seven including the new Easter Bunny car. The other cars are Standard Car, Police Car, Ice Cream Truck, Fire Truck, Taxi and the Monster Truck.

5. Are there multiplayer modes?

Drift Boss is a single-player game, there are no multiplayer or 2-player modes where you can compete against other players but that doesn’t mean there isn’t lots of fun to be had with the game.


Drift Boss is a fun and simple single-player Io game that lets you put your drift skills to the tests. There are customizable cars that you can unlock with coins and even though it doesn’t have any multiplayer modes, there is still a ton of replay value with the endless mode.

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Who Developed Drift Boss?

Drift Boss was created by MarketJS.