Boj Giggly Park Adventure


About Boj Giggly Park Adventure

Explore Giggly Park with Boj and friends. Boj is an award winning kids television series worldwide. Do wonderful things such as ride a bike, climb the tree, fly a kite, dig underground for treasures, ride the swing, control a helicopter remotely and more. Interact with various characters from the Boj universe, such as Mimi, Pops, Mr Cloppity, Denzil, Mia Twitch and more. This is a new and innovative gameplay to encourage users to explore their curiosity.

How to Play Boj Giggly Park Adventure?

Explore Giggly Park with Boj and friends.

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Who Developed Boj Giggly Park Adventure?

Boj Giggly Park Adventure was created by MarketJS.