Atari Centipede


About Atari Centipede

Atari Centipede is a fixed shooter arcade game. You must fight off centipedes, spiders, scorpions and fleas using your bugblaster! Survive for as long as possible in this exciting game! The bugblaster will fire small darts at the segmented centipede. The centipede consists of 10 to 12 body parts, including the head. Each segment of the centipede becomes a mushroom when shot. Each piece continues independently on its way down to you! Shoot his head, only then the centipede is destroyed.

How to Play Atari Centipede?

Use the keyboard or mouse to move the blaster and shoot the centipede.

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Who Developed Atari Centipede?

Atari Centipede was created by Atari.